You Be You

Do not accept normal, but vigorously reject it.  You are not normal.  You are not meant for average.  You are not common.

Either do your utmost to make a daily assault on the sleepy commonplace or you will be caught in the world wide web of self-devaluation. Society doesn’t care about who you really are, and it will not move an inch to help you develop any sense of worth past whatever lets society remain comfortable.  But you were not designed for comfort to be your utmost goal.  No, you must deliberately give the misleading siren-song of Comfortable a swift kick in the arse if you are to ever see and experience your true identity.

The common man’s goals reach their stratosphere somewhere just past ordinary.  But you are not ordinary.  You were created to be something much more.  You were created for adventure.  For intimacy with creation and the Creator.  For passion.  For belonging, not competition.

Daily tasks may be mundane…but the miraculous, though invisible most of the time, is always apparent to those whom their true identity has been revealed.

Be uncommon.  Be abnormal.  Be extraordinary.  Be you – you’re the only one who can

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