Those Who Dream

Those who dream
Those who dream about what they want, and dream often, are 99%  more likely to realize their dreams.  However, most of the time when someone asks us what we would really want to do if we were able to, we immediately turn to negativity.  Most often, the first thing that comes to mind are all the reasons why our dream won’t happen.  We put all the barriers front and center and give them control over our actions, instead of letting our hearts engage with possibilities rather than problems.  That’s why we’re here to let you dream.  Post anything you want.  Any dream.  Any want.  Any desire.  We won’t sell your email address and we won’t make fun of what you come up with.

So here’s the exercise.  Mentally connect with these few thoughts, then write out your dream.  You may want to make it five or ten dreams or ideas.  Write out the things you would like to do or experience, that if money were no object, would make your heart come alive.


  1. Money is not an issue
  2. Your upbringing does not control you
  3. Your history does not dictate your future
  4. It’s okay to be outrageous

Leave a thought. Come on, you know you wanna