My Buddy is the New Pastor at FCC Carterville!

FCC Carterville

If you live in or near Carterville, Illinois, you have reason to celebrate!  One of my best friends I have the privilege of knowing, Matthew Brown has recently become the senior pastor of the First Christian Church.

I’ve known Matt for over 20 years, and I’m excited as I can be for him and his community.  Like me, he’s a lifelong God-pursuer and grace-receiver, not known for acquiescing to social religious norms, but passionately pursues family, faith, and Truth.  Plus the dude is super talented at just about everything you can think of.  Matt and I have spent countless hours talking in-depth about the sovereign God of the Bible, the barriers to grace that fester in most religious organizations, and the need for new reform.

It all starts with the person speaking from the pulpit.  The good news is we can all rely on  Matt to pull no punches.  (He knows if he does, he will have to answer to the King of freedom).

Matt Brown and Jon Richards
You are all so blessed to have this guy at the helm of the adventure ahead of you.  Don’t hold him back.  Let him trip and fall headlong forward into the space God has given him to set you free.

Matt will likely be in an upcoming podcast on SGR, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

Matt, God bless you richly and deeply with His freedom and mercy and grace.  Your audience will never be the same.  Love you brother.

~ Jon

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